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Open Customer Email Correspondence

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Content Fields:

DateDate of correspondence and day of week.
SentDate correspondence was sent and day of week.
CreatorInitials of creator and name of user.
ToTo email address.
Press the button to import an email address.
CCCarbon copy email address.
Press the button to import an email address.
DescriptionDescription of correspondence.
SubjectEmail subject.
Press the button to check spelling of subject.
ContentContent of correspondence.
Send as HTML emailSend as HTML email.
Request read receiptRequest read receipt for email you send.



To send an email to multiple email addresses, add a semi-colon (;) after each email address.

To enter Tab stops within email content, press CTRL + I.

If 'Send as HTML email' is unticked, the email will be sent as plain text.

For more detailed information on the correspondence toolbar controls (see - HTML Toolbar).




Appointment Fields:

Link AppointmentPress the button to popup appointment choices (see - Link - Appointment).
DateAppointment date.
TimeAppointment time.
StatusAppointment status.
SurveyorInitials of surveyor.


Enquiry Fields:

Link EnquiryPress the button to popup enquiry choices (see - Link - Enquiry).
Enquiry IDEnquiry id.
DateDate of enquiry.
Product typeProduct type.


Quotation Fields:

Link QuotationPress the button to popup quotation choices (see - Link - Quotation).
Quotation IDQuotation id.
Product typeProduct type.
StatusStatus of quotation.
Storage requiredStorage required.


Consignment Fields:

Link ConsignmentPress the button to popup consignment choices (see - Link - European Consignment/Link - International Consignment).
TypeType of goods.
Transit serviceTransit service.


Trade Fields:

Link Trade QuotationPress the button to popup trade quotation choices (see - Link - Trade Quotation).
Quotation IDQuotation id.
Status of quotationStatus of quotation.
Town of origin addressTown of origin address.


Storage Fields:

Link StoragePress the button to popup storage choices (see - Link - Storage).
Date startedDate storage started.
Date endedDate storage ended.
Total nettTotal nett rate (£ per week).


Self Storage Fields:

Link Self StoragePress the button to popup self storage choices (see - Link - Self Storage).
Date startedDate self storage started.
Date endedDate self storage ended.
Total nettTotal nett rate (£ per month).


Claim Fields:

Link ClaimPress the button to popup claim choices (see - Link - Claim).
DateDate notified of claim.
QuantityQuantity of items.
AmountClaim amount (£).
Total lossTotal loss.


Inventory Fields:

Link InventoryPress the button to popup inventory choices (see - Link - Inventory).
DescriptionDescription of inventory.


Invoice Fields:

Link InvoicePress the button to popup invoice choices (see - Link - Invoice).
NumberInvoice number.
DateInvoice date.
AmountTotal amount (£).



Depending on the product type of quotation selected, determines your consignment choices (eg/ if an International quotation has been selected, you can only choose from International consignments).

To clear a field, simply click on the specific Popup button and click Close.




Attachments Controls:

Move the highlighted attachment up the list.
Move the highlighted attachment down the list.
InsertInsert attachment.
OpenOpen the highlighted attachment.
DeleteDelete the highlighted attachment.
ViewView the highlighted attachment.




Text Fields:

Display's the content of the email in plain text.


SaveClose window and save any changes you have made.
CloseClose window.


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