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Open Attachment

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Attachments Fields:

GenerateType of PDF attachment to generate.
Press the Drop Down to show types of PDF attachments to generate (None/Invoice/Invoice & Statement/Statement/Statement (full)/Quotation/Trade Quotation/Self Storage Licence/Questionnaire/CMR Note/Bill of Lading/Shipment Status/Shipment Pre Alert/Certificate of Shipment/Claim Form/Direct Debit Instructions/Standing Order Mandate/Credit/Debit Card Mandate/Inventory of Items/Inventory of Damaged Items/Photograph Inventory).
Repository documentDescription of repository document.
Attachment FilenameFilename of attachment.
Press the button to locate attachment.
Attachment file sizeFile size of attachment (bytes).
Append attachmentAppend attachments to generated PDF.


View attachment.


SaveClose window and save any changes you have made.
CloseClose window.



The following types of PDF attachments to generate are only available when the correct additional modules are installed; Self Storage  Module - Self Storage License. Shipping Module - CMR Note, Bill of Lading, Shipment Status, Shipment Pre Alert, Certificate of Shipment.


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