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System Defaults - Identity Labels

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Identity Labels Fields:

8 per page8 per page (Avery J8165, J8565, L7165, L7565, L7765).
10 per page10 per page (Avery J8173, L7173).
14 per page14 per page (Avery J8163, J8563, L7063, L7163, L7563).
21 per page21 per page (Avery L7160).
NoneUse no barcode symbology.
Code 3 of 9Use code 3 of 9 barcode symbology.
Code 3 of 9 ExtendedUse code 3 of 9 extended barcode symbology.
Code 128Use code 128 barcode symbology.
Code 128AUse code 128A barcode symbology.
Code 128BUse code 128B barcode symbology.
CodabarUse codabar barcode symbology.
Use customer id as unique identifierUse customer id as unique identifier.


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