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System Defaults - Stationery

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Stationery Fields:

Force printing of invoice/creditForce printing of invoice/credit.
Print office copy of each quotationPrint office copy of each quotation.
Label printerLabel printer is installed.
Print all volume optionsPrint all volume options (where applicable).
Allow removal stationery when outstandingAllow production of removal stationery when outstanding balance exists.
Quotations is from surveyorQuotations is from surveyor.


Print Signature On Quotations Fields:

NeverNever print a signature on quotations.
Print onlyPrint signature when printing quotations only.
PDF onlyPrint signature when producing quotation PDF's only.
AlwaysAlways print signature on quotations.


Letter Correspondence Fields:

Type faceLetter type face.
Press the button to select a letter type face and font size.
Font sizeLetter font size.


Email (HTML) Correspondence Fields:

Type faceHTML type face.
Press the button to select a HTML type face.


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