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Email Fields:

ServerSpecifies your simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) server for outgoing emails. You can get this information from your internet service provider (ISP) or local area network (LAN) administrator.
PortSpecifies the port number you connect to on your outgoing email (SMTP) server. The port number is usually 25.
Account nameSpecifies your account name. This is usually the same as the part of your email address to the left of the at sign (@).
PasswordThe password assigned to your account by your internet service provider. For security, the actual characters do not appear in this space; instead, each character is represented by an asterisk (*).
TLS authenticationTLS (Transport Layer Security) connection and authentication required.
BCC emailBlind carbon copy email address.
Use external email clientUser external email client.
Send as HTML emailSend as HTML email.
Request read receiptRequest read receipt for email you send.


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For instructions on how to configure your email settings (see - Configure Email Settings).


Please note: A read receipt is at the request of the recipient, should their email client support this feature. Email clients can be set to ignore read receipts, automatically response to read receipt request or be at the discretion of the recipient.


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