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Configure Email Settings

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The following will guide you on where to go to get the correct email settings for use in Move Administer. The only email settings needed for Move Administer is Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), User Name and Password.


Microsoft Outlook

1.Open Microsoft Outlook.
2.Click on Tools - Email Accounts...
3.Select 'View or change existing e-mail accounts'.
4.Click on Next.
5.Highlight the default email account.
6.Click on Change.



Outlook Express

1.Open Outlook Express.
2.Click on Tools - Accounts...
3.Highlight the default email account.
4.Click on Properties.




Default email account. You must have a company email account setup instead of individual user accounts for emailing to function correctly out of Move Administer. This is because emailing settings in Move Administer are global and not user specific.


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