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Storage Quotation - Storage

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Storage Fields:

Required fromDate storage is required from and day of week.
Category codeStorage category code and description of storage category.
DescriptionDescription of quotation.
VolumeVolume of effects to be stored.
Press the button to popup volume choices (cubic feet/cubic metres).
Print volume on quotationPrint volume on quotation.
Containers requiredNumber of storage containers required.
Press the button to automatically calculate the number of containers required from the volume (based to 250ft cuft containers).
Print estimated number of containers on quotationPrint estimated number of containers on quotation.


Insurance Fields:

Declared value liabilityDeclared value liability.
LimitedLimited cover offered.
StandardStandard cover offered.
ExtendedExtended cover offered.
ValuationValuation of effects to be stored.


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The Cover Offer fields will only display if 'declared value liability' is selected in the insurance defaults (see - Insurance Defaults - Cover).

When the valuation field is highlighted then the valuation is in excess of the cover being offered.


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