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Insurance Defaults - Cover

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Cover Fields:

Declared value liabilityDeclared value liability.
Separate storage liabilitySeparate storage liability on invoices/credits.
Charge mediation feesCharge insurance mediation fees.
Charge administration feesCharge insurance administration fees.
Offer marine insurance on european quotationsOffer marine insurance on european quotations.
Offer marine insurance on international quotationsOffer marine insurance on international quotations.


Standard Fields:

InlandInland insurance cover (£).
EuropeanEuropean insurance cover (£).
InternationalInternational insurance cover (£).
CommercialCommercial insurance cover (£).
StorageStorage insurance cover (£).
Self storageSelf storage insurance cover (£).


Extended Fields:

InlandExtended inland insurance cover (£).
EuropeanExtended european insurance cover (£).
InternationalExtended international insurance cover (£).
CommercialExtended commercial insurance cover (£).
StorageExtended storage insurance cover (£).
Self storageExtended self storage insurance cover (£).


Cover Offered Fields:

LimitedLimited cover offered for each individual product.
StandardStandard cover offered for each individual product.
ExtendedExtended cover offered for each individual product.


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Please note: The Cover Offer fields will only display if 'declared value liability' is selected.


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