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Storage - General

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General Fields:

IDStorage id.
StartedDate storage started and day of week.
EndedDate storage ended and day of week.
InvoicedDate of last invoice run and day of week.


Storage Fields:

CategoryStorage category code and description of storage category.
VolumeVolume of effects to be stored.
Press the button to popup volume choices (cubic feet/cubic metres).
Storage periodPeriod of storage required.


Insurance Fields:

Declared value liabilityDeclared value liability.
LimitedLimited cover offered.
StandardStandard cover offered.
ExtendedExtended cover offered.
ValuationValuation of effects in storage (£).


Last Financial Change Fields:

InitialsInitials of staff member who made last financial change and name of user.
DateDate of last financial change and name of user.


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FinishClose window and save any changes you have made.
CloseClose window.


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