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Open Customer Follow-Up

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General Fields:

CreatorInitials of creator and name of user.
DateDate of follow-up and day of week.
TimeTime of follow-up.
SubjectSubject of follow-up.
NotepadFollow-up notepad.
Press the button to stamp notepad with user initials, date and time.


Reminder Fields:

DateDate of reminder and day of week.
TimeTime of reminder.
Press the button to update recipient(s).



Pressing the Update button will automatically update the reminder date and time for all recipients on the recipient browse.




Recipients Controls:

RemoveRemove the highlighted recipient from the recipient list.
Remove AllRemove all recipients from the recipient list.


Xplore features are available from this browse.


Users Controls:

AddAdd the highlighted user to the recipient list.
Add AllAdd all users to the recipient list.


SaveClose window and save any changes you have made.
CloseClose window.


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