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Open Corporate Letter Correspondence

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Content Fields:

DateDate of correspondence and day of week.
SentDate correspondence was sent and day of week.
CreatorInitials of creator and name of user.
DescriptionDescription of correspondence.
ContentContent of correspondence.



For in-text tabbing, press CTRL & Tab.

For more detailed information on the correspondence toolbar controls (see - Correspondence Toolbar).




Customer Fields:

Link CustomerPress the button to popup customer choices (see - Link - Customer).
NameName of customer.
Customer IDCustomer ID.


Appointment Fields:

Link AppointmentPress the button to popup appointment choices (see - Link - Appointment).
DateAppointment date.
TimeAppointment time.
StatusAppointment status.
SurveyorInitials of surveyor.


Enquiry Fields:

Link EnquiryPress the button to popup enquiry choices (see - Link - Enquiry).
Enquiry IDEnquiry id.
DateDate of enquiry.
Product typeProduct type.


Quotation Fields:

Link QuotationPress the button to popup quotation choices (see - Link - Quotation).
Quotation IDQuotation id.
Product typeProduct type.
StatusStatus of quotation.
Storage requiredStorage required.


Consignment Fields:

Link ConsignmentPress the button to popup consignment choices (see - Link - European Consignment/Link - International Consignment).
TypeType of goods.
Transit serviceTransit service.


Trade Fields:

Link Trade QuotationPress the button to popup trade quotation choices (see - Link - Trade Quotation).
Quotation IDQuotation id.
Status of quotationStatus of quotation.
Town of origin addressTown of origin address.


Storage Fields:

Link StoragePress the button to popup storage choices (see - Link - Storage).
Date startedDate storage started.
Date endedDate storage ended.
Total nettTotal nett rate (£ per week).


Self Storage Fields:

Link Self StoragePress the button to popup self storage choices (see - Link - Self Storage).
Date startedDate self storage started.
Date endedDate self storage ended.
Total nettTotal nett rate (£ per month).


Claim Fields:

Link ClaimPress the button to popup claim choices (see - Link - Claim).
DateDate notified of claim.
QuantityQuantity of items.
AmountClaim amount (£).
Total lossTotal loss.


Invoice Fields:

Link InvoicePress the button to popup invoice choices (see - Link - Invoice).
Invoice numberInvoice number.
Invoice dateInvoice date.
Total amountTotal amount (£).


SaveClose window and save any changes you have made.
CloseClose window.



Depending on the product type of quotation selected, determines your consignment choices (eg/ if an International quotation has been selected, you can only choose from International consignments).

To clear a field, simply click on the specific Popup button and click Close.


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