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System Defaults - Follow-Ups

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Follow-Ups Fields:

Check follow-ups every ... secondsNumber of seconds to elapse before checking for follow-up reminders.
Refresh follow-ups every ... secondsNumber of seconds to elapse before automatically refreshing follow-ups.


Quotation Follow-Up Reminders Fields:

Create follow-up reminder on insertCreate follow-up reminder when inserting a quotation.
Create follow-up reminder on openCreate follow-up reminder when opening a quotation.
Follow-up corporate customersFollow-up corporate customers.
Reminder date ... days in advanceNumber of days in advance to create follow-up reminder.
Exclude saturdaysExclude saturdays from reminder follow-ups.
Exclude sundaysExclude sundays from reminder follow-ups.
Reminder timeTime of follow-up reminder.
Add creator as a recipientAutomatically add creator as a recipient.
Add surveyor as a recipientAutomatically add surveyor as a recipient.
Add user as a recipientAutomatically add user as a recipient.


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