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Events - Costing

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Costing Fields:

LabourLabour cost (£).
Night allowanceNight allowance cost (£).
VehicleVehicle cost (£).
MaterialMaterial cost (£).
EquipmentEquipment cost (£).
ExtraPre overhead extra cost (£).
SubtotalSubtotal of costs (£).
Overhead (%)Overhead rate (%).
Overhead (£)Overhead cost (£).
ExtraPost overhead extra cost (£).
EstimatedEstimated cost (£).
Nett marginNett margin rate (%).
Press the button to select a margin from the Seasonal Planner. The margin for the time of season is also displayed.
Gross profitGross profit amount (£).
Gross marginGross margin rate (%).
ExtraPost margin extra cost (£).
TotalTotal cost (£).


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The margin for the time of season is set in Removal Defaults (see - Seasonal Variances).


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