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Self Storage - Invoicing

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Invoicing Fields:

1 month in advanceInvoice frequency 1 month in advance.
3 months in advanceInvoice frequency 3 months in advance.
6 months in advanceInvoice frequency 6 months in advance.
12 months in advanceInvoice frequency 12 months in advance.
Invoice at least a full month's storageInvoice at least a full month's storage.
Email invoice from invoicing runEmail invoice from invoicing run.
Skip printing of invoice during invoicing runSkip printing of invoice during invoicing run.
N/ANot applicable.
Credit cardSurcharge credit card payment.
Debit cardSurcharge Debit card payment.
ChequeSurcharge cheque payment.
RateCredit card surcharge rate (%).
AmountDebit card/cheque surcharge (£).


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'Email Invoice From Invoicing Run' is only available if the customer has an email address and an email template has been selected within self storage defaults (Tools - Options - Defaults - Self Storage).

When performing a self storage invoice run, if a self storage job has 'Email invoice from invoicing run' ticked and 'Print statements for outstanding balances' is selected from the self storage invoice run criteria window, the emailed invoice will also be emailed a statement of account, which is merged to the end of the generated invoice (see - Self Storage Invoicing Run).


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