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Open Credit

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Correspondence Fields:

AddressCorrespondence address.


General Fields:

NumberCredit number.
DateCredit date and day of week.
Tax dateCredit tax date and day of week.
CreatorInitials of creator and name of user.


Detail Controls:

InsertInsert detail.
OpenOpen the highlighted detail.
DeleteDelete the highlighted detail.
CopyCopy the highlighted detail.


Credit Fields:

Move highlighted detail up the order.
Move highlighted detail down the order.
SubtotalsTotal nett amount and total tax amount.
TotalTotal amount.



The Insert, Delete and Copy buttons will only appear when inserting a credit.




Accounting Fields:

Po referencePurchase order reference.
Press the button to import customer purchase order reference.
Term codePayment term code and description of payment term.
TermPayment term.



The Import button will only display if the customer has a purchase order reference entered in accounting options (see - Accounting Options).



Miscellaneous Fields:

InterestDate of interest charge and day of week.
ReversorInitials of reversor and name of user.
ReasonReason for reversal.
DescriptionDescription of invoice/credit.


SaveClose window and save any changes you have made.
CloseClose window.


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