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Manifest Controls:

LocatorLocate manifest.


InsertInsert manifest.
OpenOpen the highlighted manifest.
DeleteDelete the highlighted manifest.


Consignment Controls:

Update AllUpdate allocated consignments with manifest information.
AssignAssign a consignment to the manifest.
OpenOpen the highlighted consignment (see - Open International Consignment).
UnassignUnassign the highlighted consignment from the manifest.
MasterAssign the highlighted consignment as the master shipper.


Manifest Fields:

ConsignmentsTotal consignments.
ItemsTotal quantity of items.
Cubic feetTotal volume of effects (cubic feet).
Cubic metresTotal volume of effects (cubic metres).


CloseClose window.


Xplore features are available from this browse.



Assign a consignment as the Master Shipper by highlighting the consignment and clicking on the 'Master' button.

When printing a Manifest Bill of Laden, should a Master Shipper be assigned for the Manifest, then the Origin Agent is the Name of the Master Shipper with a C/O the Origin Agent.


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