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Listbox Properties

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Listbox Properties Fields:

ColumnsBrowsing available columns.



Move the highlighted available column to display list.
Move the highlighted column from display list.
Move the highlighted column up the order.
Move the highlighted column down the order.


Listbox Fields:

Line HeightLine height.
Font...Font (see - Font).


Column Fields:

Field Justification LeftField justification left.
Field Justification CenterField justification center.
Field Justification RightField justification right.
Header Justification LeftHeader justification left.
Header Justification CenterHeader justification center.
Header Justification RightHeader justification right.
ResizeAllow column resize.
BorderColumn border.
UnderlineUnderline column.
FixedFix column.
Colours...Colours (see - Colours).
ResetReset listbox properties.


CloseClose window.


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