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System Defaults - Appointment Diary

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Appointment Diary Fields:

InitialsShow initials on tab headings.
ForenameShow forename on tab headings.
Full nameShow full name on tab headings.
Force the use of the appointment finderForce the use of the appointment finder.
Refresh diary every ... secondsNumber of seconds to elapse before automatically refreshing appointment diary.


Appointment Fields:

Automatically confirm appointment statusAutomatically confirm appointment address.
Automatically import origin addressAutomatically import origin address.
Use confirmation booking cue cardUse confirmation booking cue card.
SMS confirmation of appointmentsSMS confirmation of appointments.
Email confirmation of appointmentsEmail confirmation of appointments.
Print written confirmation of appointmentsPrint written confirmation of appointments.
Time slotLength of time (mins) for appointment time slot.
Alert user if date > ... days in advanceDisplay warning if appointment is more than this number of days in advance.


iCalendar Fields:

Process appointments ... days in advanceNumber of days to process appointments.
Ignore cancelled & postponed appointmentsIgnore cancelled and postponed appointments when exporting to iCalendar.
Export customer telephone numbersExport customer telephone numbers to iCalendar.
Export directions to appointmentExport directions to appointment to iCalendar.


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