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Insert Self Storage - General

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General Fields:

IDSelf storage id.
CreatorInitials of creator and name of user.


Storage Fields:

CategorySelf storage category code and description of storage category.
Storage periodPeriod of storage required.


Insurance Fields:

Declared value liabilityDeclared value liability.
LimitedLimited cover offered.
StandardStandard cover offered.
ExtendedExtended cover offered.
ValuationValuation of effects in storage (£).


Dates Fields:

StartedDate self storage started and day of week.
EndedDate self storage ended and day of week.


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CloseClose window.



The Cover Offer fields will only display if 'declared value liability' is selected in the insurance defaults (see - Insurance Defaults - Cover).

When the valuation field is highlighted then the valuation is in excess of the cover being offered.


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