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Manifest - Consignments

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Consignments Controls:

AssignAssign a consignment to the manifest.
OpenOpen the highlighted consignment (see - Open International Consignment).
UnassignUnassign the highlighted consignment from the manifest.
MasterAssign the highlighted consignment as the master shipper.


Totals Fields:

ConsignmentsTotal consignments.
ItemsTotal quantity of items.
Cubic feetTotal volume of effects (cubic feet).
Cubic metresTotal volume of effects (cubic metres).
Nett lbsTotal nett weight of effects (lbs).
Nett KilosTotal nett weight of effects (kilos).
Gross lbsTotal gross weight of effects (lbs).
Gross kilosTotal gross weight of effects (kilos).


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FinishClose window and save any changes you have made.
CloseClose window.



Assign a consignment as the Master Shipper by highlighting the consignment and clicking on the 'Master' button.

When printing a Manifest Bill of Laden, should a Master Shipper be assigned for the Manifest, then the Origin Agent is the Name of the Master Shipper with a C/O the Origin Agent.


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