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International Consignment - Request

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Request Fields:

Request toName of company request is to.
AttentionName of person request is for the attention of.
FromInitials of user sending the request and name of user.
YesNotice of arrival is attached/will be sent.
NoNo notice of arrival is attached/will be sent.
N/ANotice of arrival is not applicable.
Inventory is attached/will be sentInventory is attached/will be sent.
C3 is attached/will be sentC3 is attached/will be sent.
OtherOther information.


Further Instructions Fields:

NotepadFurther instructions.
Press the button to check spelling of further instructions.


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This tab will only show if the type of consignment is import.

If the consignment type is import and is set as Air Freight then Notice of arrival changes to Copy of AWB (Airway Bill).


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