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Inland Quotation - Charge

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Charge Fields:

Estimated Estimated cost of events (£).
ProfitProfit from events (£).
ExtraPost margin extras of events (£).
SubtotalSubtotal of events (£).
NettNett amount (£).
InsuranceInsurance amount (£).
MediationMediation amount (£).
SubtotalNett subtotal (£).
VATVAT amount (£).
TaxInsurance tax amount (£).
TaxMediation tax amount (£).
SubtotalTax subtotal (£).
Overrule nett amountOverrule nett amount.
TotalTotal amount (£).


Services Fields:

TotalTotal amount of services (£).


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Check 'Overrule nett amount' to enter the nett or total amount you wish to quote.



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