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Open Diary Note

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General Fields:

DateDiary note date and day of week.
CreatorInitials of creator and name of user.
SubjectDescription of diary note.
Block AppointmentsBlock appointment schedules.


Notepad Fields:

Press the button to stamp notepad with user initials, date and time.


Recursive Fields:

RecursiveRecursively insert diary note.
FromDate from and day of week.
ToDate to and day of week.
MondayAdd diary note for Monday.
TuesdayAdd diary note for Tuesday.
WednesdayAdd diary note for Wednesday.
ThursdayAdd diary note for Thursday.
FridayAdd diary note for Friday.
SaturdayAdd diary note for Saturday.
SundayAdd diary note for Sunday.



Appointment Fields:

SurveyorInitials of surveyor and name of surveyor.
Block all dayBlock appointment schedules for all day.


Time Fields:

FromTime to block appointment schedules from.
ToTime to block appointment schedules to.


SaveClose window and save any changes you have made.
CloseClose window.



To block appointments for ALL surveyors, clear the initials of surveyor and tick 'Block all day'.


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