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Inventory - Items

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Select previous room.
Select next room.


Inventory Fields:

Room DescriptionCustomisable description of room.


Item Controls:

LocatorLocate item.


TypicalTypical items found in the specified room.
Selected (Typical)Typical items selected for the specified room.
AllAll items.
Selected (All)All selected items.


Increase item quantity by 1.
Decrease item quantity by 1.
Popup volume entry (see - Entry Popup).


FeetMiscellaneous volume of room (cubic feet).


InsertInsert item.
OpenOpen the highlighted item.


DestinationItem is moving to destination address.
Not To MoveItem is not moving.
StorageItem is moving to storage.
AlternativeItem is moving to an alternative address.


CloseClose window.



Use the alphabetical buttons for quick navigation to items.

Double click on the feet field to display the entry popup window (see - Entry Popup).


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