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Export Appointments

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This option is only available to Survey Administer users.


To export appointments for a particular Surveyor, you need to have the Surveyor’s tab selected on the Appointment Diary, otherwise ALL appointments will be exported!


Only un-exported appointments will be processed for the chosen day. Should you want to process all appointments then you will need to Open each appointment in turn and uncheck the ‘Exported to Survey Administer’ checkbox.


Appointments are exported into an XML (Extensive Markup Language) file which is then compressed to keep disk space to a minimum. The compressed file can be emailed to the Surveyor or simply imported into Survey Administer (see Survey Administer User Guide for further information on importing appointments).


Availability is also exported for the number of days in advance set on the Survey Administer tab of System Defaults (0 indicates that no availability is exported).



Each Surveyor will require a Survey Email before any compressed file can be emailed to them. Please provide a separate email address to their normal one, found on the User tab of the User Wizard within User Administer.


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