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Mass Print Statements

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Statement Criteria Fields:

Date fromDate to list activity from and day of week.
Date toDate to list activity to and day of week.
Full activityFull activity.
Show purchase ordersShow purchase orders on statement.
Print statements individuallyPrint statements individually.


SaveClose window and continue with the criteria provided.
CloseClose window.



Mass print statements. Driven by the Query Wizard you will be able to create either one report consisting of all statements generated from the query, or print them individually. If you generate one mass report you can remove the statements you don't want to print by deleting pages from the report. This also has the benefit that only one job is sent to the printer, albeit consisting of many pages. The downside of this is that the Statement date will not get updated, and that this is not ideal for multi trading name scenarios, unless your query is specific to one trading name. Printing individually does have the added bonus of updating the statement date, and can be ran across all trading names, but the price to pay is that each statement is sent to the printer as a separate job and could potentially clog up your printer buffer if using something like an inkjet printer. One other downside is that you cannot preview these statements, they are sent directly to the printer.


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