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Inventory Of Items

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Inventory of items reports.


Topics Include:

Item & Quantity

Item, Quantity, PBR, PBO, etc

Item, Quantity, Condition & Destination

Item, Quantity, Condition, Destination & Valuation




Inventory Criteria Fields:

Item & QuantityPrint item and quantity only.
Item, Quantity, PBR, PBO, etcPrint item, quantity and PBR, PBO, etc.
Item, Quantity, Condition & DestinationPrint item, quantity, condition and destination.
Item, Quantity, Condition, Destination & ValuationPrint item, quantity, condition, destination and valuation.
Everything, including Volume!Print everything, including volume.
PBR/PBO/UBR/UBO/Wrap/Unwrap/DBR/DBO/RBR/RBOPrint packing/wrapping/dismantling detail for item.
Instructions for itemPrint special instructions for item.
Damage for itemPrint damage for item.
AllPrint all items regardless of destination.
DestinationPrint only those items moving to the destination.
Not To MovePrint only those items not to move.
StoragePrint only those items moving into storage.
AlternativePrint only those items moving to an alternative destination.
Survey informationPrint survey information.
Planning informationPrint planning information.
Room notesPrint room notes.
Material requirements by roomPrint material requirements by room.
Total material requirementsPrint total material requirements.
Total equipment requirementsPrint total equipment requirements.
WeightPrint total weight.
MultiplierMultiplier to calculate lbs based on cubic feet.
CommentsPrint comments.
DeclarationPrint declaration.
Abbreviation KeyPrint abbreviation key.
Save above settingsSave above settings.


SaveClose window and save any changes you have made.
CloseClose window.



When printing item and quantity only, items will only show three across the page if instructions or damage are not selected to print.

The print option for packing/wrapping/dismantling will only display when selecting either the third, forth or fifth item detail.


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